11 List of Pointing Devices In computer


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What Is The Most Common Pointing Device On A Laptop?

Pointing devices in computer: A Pointing device used in a computer for many different purposes to perform some action. When you use a laptop to perform multiple tasks, you will need a different pointing device.

The laptop has a user interface you see in which pointing devices play an important role if you want to perform a task every time you need a separate pointing device.

These devices used to give input to your laptop to perform a specific task every device has different features so if you are looking to know more about what is the most common pointing device on a laptop? so let’s start

List of Pointing Devices In computer

Here are important devices that are used for pointing on laptop:

  • Trackball
  •  Mouse Touch
  • Pad or TrackPad
  • Trackpoint
  • Stylus
  • Graphics tablet
  •  Joystick
  • Touchscreen
  • Eye-tracking device
  • Light Pen
  • Web Camera

What Is The Most Common Pointing Device On A Laptop?


A mouse is a small, lightweight input device. The mouse is moved on a flat surface to control the movement of the cursor on a screen. A mouse usually has two or three buttons. These buttons do various tasks.

  1. Mechanical Mouse
  2. Optical Mouse
  3. Wireless Mouse
  4. Mechanical Mouse

A rubber or metal ball is enclosed by a mechanical mouse. The cursor’s motion depends on the ball’s movement. Normally, this mouse is used on a mouse pad. To enable simple movement for the mouse, a mouse pad is a small pad made of rubber or foam. It protects the mouse from dust and dirt as well.

Optical Mouse

There is no ball inside the optical mouse. It uses a light-emitting device to detect the motion of the mouse. In these mouse types, an optical sensor or laser is used. It is, in comparison, more expensive than a mechanical mouse.

Wireless Mouse

A mouse style that does not need a wire to operate is a wireless or cordless mouse. Using wireless technology like radio waves or infrared light waves transmits data.

What Is The Most Common Pointing Device On A Laptop?


It is also possible to use a trackball as an alternative to a mouse. Similar to those on a mouse, this gadget also has buttons. It carries a big rolling ball on top. The trackball body is not relocated. The ball is finger-rolled. By rotating the ball, you can control the location of the cursor on the screen.
The trackball’s biggest advantage over a mouse is that it takes less room to travel. With laptop computers, there comes trackball also. A trackball that acts as a separate input device is often used on the standard desktop computer.


Touchpad/ Trackpad

A touchpad is a small, flat surface that the user runs his finger over. By moving his fingers on the touchpad, the user regulates the movement of the cursor on the screen. It is classified as a trackpad, too.

There is also a touchpad with one or two buttons near it. Such buttons function like mouse buttons. For laptop computers, you use touchpads.

Pointing Stick

A pressure-sensitive unit is a pointing stick. It is similar to a pencil eraser and the keyboard exits between buttons. The pointer on the screen often moves while the user is pressing the pointing stick. Like a mouse, it needs no additional room or cleaning. In notebook computers, you usually use the pointing stick.

Graphics Tablet

A graphics tablet consists of a flat pad with a special pen called a stylus on which the user draws. On the screen, there forms a picture as the user draws on the pad. Using a graphics tablet, a designer may create very detailed drawings. You can name it a digitizer, too.


A video display screen that receives feedback from the touch of a finger is a touchscreen. There is a plastic film covering the projector. At the back of the panel, undetectable rays of infrared light are present. The user touches icons or menus on the screen in order to enter info. Many computers with a touchscreen use sensors to sense the touch of a finger.


Light Pen

A light pen is a pen-like device that is hand-held. This stylus is light-sensitive. The Light Pen has a connection with the device by a wire. It has a device which emits light at the tip. When a user taps the pen on certain areas of a specially designed panel, the pen sends details to the device. A light pen that engineers, graphic designers and illustrators typically use.


A joystick consists of a stick and a frame also. Meanwhile, to place an object somewhere on the computer screen, the stick can be rotated in imany directions. A joystick may perform a similar function to a trackball or mouse. However, It is less comfortable and effective. For playing video games, the most common use of a joystick is.



The stylus is similar to a pen with a ballpoint. For writing text and drawing lines, it uses pressure. You can call it a pen as well. In graphical systems, you use a stylus. Architects, artists, and designers use it too to produce drawings and sketches.



So in this article of What Is The Most Common Pointing Device On A Laptop? we have cover different devices, From all the list I hope you  learn more

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