What Is The Largest Island In The Philippines?


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What Is The Largest Island In The Philippines?

The Philippines is a hub of islands that are interconnected, declaring it as an Archipelago. The Philippines is a culturally rich region with vast ethnicities. Its Islands are the world’s most famous islands. What is the largest island in the Philippines? The Philippines consists of a total of 7640 islands.

Do you want to know what the largest island is in the Philippines? Let us take you on a virtual visit to the top largest island in the Philippines.




Luzon is typically the largest island with dual aspects, i.e., geographically as well as population-wise. It is the biggest part of the archipelago residing in the northern region of the hemisphere.

Largest Island in the Philippines

15th Largest Island in the World

5th Largest Volcanic Island in the World

4th Most Populated Island in the World

Geographical Location

Luzon has a significant topographical position. To its east, there lies the Philippine Sea; in its west, there is the South China Sea and Luzon Strait in its north.

Luzon is subdivided into further regions; Northern region, Southern Region, Central Region, and the National Capital Region i.e. Manila.

Along with encompassing sea, it has a vast range of mountains surrounding the Luzon. The mountain ranges include the Cordillera Mountain Range, the Zambales Mountains, and the Sierra Madre.

Besides mountains, their gulfs, plains, bays, rivers, peninsulas, and lakes.

Tourist Spots In Luzon

Since Luzon is a part of the archipelago and has sea, rivers, mountains, lakes, etc., and that is its claim for fame. It has a lot of breathtaking tourist spots that you must visit whenever you go to the Philippines.

Banaue Rice Terraces

One of the most beautiful places with a mesmerizing view is Banaue Rice Terraces. This place is just like a piece of heaven and is a landmark of the Philippines. In 1995, locally know Hagdan-Hagdang Palayan made its way to UNESCO World Heritage List merely because of its uncanny beauty.

Kayangan Lake

Luzon is home to some most serene lakes on the planet. These lakes are enough to hypnotize you with their natural beauty. On top of the list is Kayangan Lake, which resides in Coron, a water stretch with randomly placed limestone cliffs. It is one of the Cleanest lakes in the Philippines as well as Asia.

Due to its purity and see-through nature, you can clearly view the bottom rocks. It comprises almost 75% fresh water and 25% seawater.

Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach is regarded as one of the Best 30 Beaches in the World. The reason for its daintiness is its hidden nature. But it is not a secret lake anymore since the famous traveler Conde Nast wrote about it as one of the best beaches in the world.

It is an ideal place with exquisite views that can definitely take your breath away. People choose it for a quick getaway from the tedious routine and enjoy the calmness of nature with multi-scenic views.

Intramuros- The Walled City

Intramuros is the hub of historical and cultural places. It is famously known as the Walled City because of its walled structures that date back to hundred years ago.

If you are a sucker for historical places, you ought to see this culturally rich region in the first instance.


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