Tourist Attractions in Berlin – Germany


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Tourist Attractions in Berlin – Germany

tourist-attractions-in-berlin-germany Berlin’s city is constructed in the state of Brandenburg, in Bundesland. Since the capital of Germany, the city has experienced huge changes in the last one hundred years. Split, this city is a modern, thriving and thrilling destination, welcoming business visitors and tourists alike. Since World War II, the city experienced the largest building project in Europe and has emerged from the past. 

Much of Berlin rejuvenated, restored or was rebuilt and there is some wonderful structure, both new and old. Many come here for the nightlife that is alone, while others prefer the tourism aspect.

 Individuals that choose to sightsee daily will find that a lot of the landmarks include their own observation decks, such as the Reichstag, the Europe Center on also the Zoologischer Garten, also the Kollhoff Tower on also the Potsdamer Platz, also the Siegessule from the Tiergarten region, also the Fernsehturm on also the Alexanderplatz, also the latter of the is a TV tower and the tallest construction inside town, boasting a revolving restaurant. 

Tourist Attractions in Berlin – Germany Berlin Tourismus Marketing operates 3 tourist information centres within the city to answer your queries and distribute advice. These are located in also the Brandenburg Gate, on also the Budapester Strasse, and on Alexanderplatz. 

With so much to see also do, the town became a popular place to go for visitors and there’s a good selection of hotels, which vary in price depending mainly on the region wherein the accommodation in Berlin is situated. 

 Tourist Attractions in Berlin – Germany Berlin Luxury hotels are widespread throughout the city, although there are so many hotels offering good spending budget accommodation for all those that wish to look for a bargain for their stay. 

Between May and September, hotels get very busy also reservations are soon necessary. Berlin apartments are also available, suiting people who favor to self cater also enjoy a little more freedom. Popular neighborhoods together with appealing accommodation include Charlottenburg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, and Wilmersdorf. 

When also the Berlin Wall was destroyed is 1989 :

this was a huge turning point for the city, that has previously been split for over 28 years. East and West are now completely unified, although you may still find some signs of division from these areas. 

There are countless landmarks through the city and popular attractions include the Berliner Dom – a big domed cathedral standing inside also the Mitte borough, also the Brandenburg Gate – also the former town gate also now an iconic symbol of Germany, also the Potsdamer Platz – 

one of also the busiest squares in Europe,

 full of shops, bars, cafs also places of entertainment, Checkpoint Charlie – probably also the most famous part of also the old Berlin Wall, also the imposing Reichstag, seat of also the German parliament and just as impressive today as when it was completed in 1884. 

The city is full of historical info, with museums, like Museum Island – a complex of five museums containing many important collections, also the Egyptian Museum, together with 6000-year-old artifacts.


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