Top Tourist Attractions in Chitlang – Nepal

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Top tourist attractions in chitlang-Nepal Chitlang is a beautiful area in the south-west of Kathmandu – Nepal. Famous tourist attractions in Chitlang are the following:

Krishna Temple in Bisinkhel

It is located at one and half hour walk from Chitlang.


Its Nepal’s largest man-made lake. Its natural beauty is so appealing that no one can forget it ever. Boating, Fishing, and eating, everything is amazing.


Top tourist attractions in chitlang-Nepal It’s a temple of shiva that rests on the top of Lamichhane village. A vast jungle is just nearby to it. It is nearby to Brahmin village. People in this rural area are the true face of Nepal.


Top tourist attractions in chitlang-Nepal Here you can see the seven stone tap with streaming water. It is surrounded by a thick jungle.


You must have seen that scenic beautiful layered location in a lot of music videos and get amused, does this place lie in Nepal? Yes, it is in Nepal and it is Vedafaram. No words can describe the scenes you are going to like there. So scenic, like its movie set, not even a real location. It takes about half an hour to reach there. One can arrive there by hiking straight away. Locals are always happy to assist you if you are afraid of paths. You can enjoy the real natural sceneries of jungle also.

Chitlang-Markhu Hiking

The hike to Chitlang primarily starts from Thankot, Kathmandu. Thankot is reached from Katmandu in any public vehicle from Ratnapark. The drive to Thankot takes an hour from central Katmandu. While starting from Thankot, there comes an area referred to as Godam. Upon reaching Godam, there’s a well-outlined road that leads up to Chitlang. The road is built for a straightforward four-wheeler to pass, however, the road condition is usually not fit for a drive. Instead, it’s suitable for a walk. It’s quite awful. After a minute of walking, the path results in the forest around Chandragiri. You’ll be able to see the Chandragiri temple at one aspect and the whole of the Katmandu depression resting below. After 5 hours of a hike from Thankot, you’ll be able to reach the village of Chitlang.


Top tourist attractions in chitlang-Nepal. The hike from Chitlang to Markhu takes almost two hours. After two hours of walk, you’ll be able to get to the Indrasarowar lake of Markhu. From Markhu, you’ll be able to come back to Katmandu from the bus that you simply can take from there. The bus can take you back to Katmandu through the Kulekhani dam. 

The Beautiful Chitlang

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