Ronaldo Weekly Salary | Net Worth

Ronaldo Weekly Salary

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Ronaldo Weekly and Monthly Salary

Ronaldo Weekly Salary: Players reserve high esteem in terms of their fame and success in their respective games as they proved themselves the real gem and high competitiveness with real professionalism. They not only earned distinctive respect as players yet their earnings in terms of worth can make anyone astonished.

Ronaldo is a top-class footballer, playing football for his league and have the highest records

Cristiano Family

Cristiano Ronaldo whose father was a gardener and his mother was a cook and Ronaldo was the youngest child as his parents bore other three elder children as well. He is born on 5th February 1985 in Portugal.

He had been a born footballer whereas he was terminated from school when he threw a chair on his teacher however in his teenage of fourteen years, he seriously chosen to be a professional footballer.

Being one of the most expensive players, Cristiano Ronaldo’s weekly salary can check in the below list.

The Estimated Salary Schedule is as Under

  • Annual: Rs10,977,123,968.00
  • Monthly: Rs914,760,330.67
  • Weekly: Rs211,098,537.85
  • Daily: Rs42,219,707.57
  • Earnings overview

ronaldo salary

According to Forbes Ronaldo Weekly Salary in Dollars

  • Sep 2020: Total Earnings: $117 million (Salary: $70 million | Endorsements: $47 million)
  • May 2020: $ 105 million (salary/winnings $ 60 M; Endorsements $45 M)
  • June 2019: $109 million (Salary/Winnings $65 M; Endorsements $44 M)
  • Guardian July 2018: Ronaldo is signing a four-year contract with an annual salary of around €30m
  • June 2018: $108 million
  • June 2016: $88 million
  • April 2016: $79 million ( 67,4 M€ salary and 35.4 M€ endorsements)
  • June 2015: $79.6 million
  • June 2014: $80 million
  • BBC September 17 2013: Ronalda signs a new contract with Real Madrid until 2018, Spanish reports suggest he will earn an annual
  • salary of 17m euros (£14.25m).
  • June 2013: $44 million
  • April 2013: $43.5 million
  • June 2012: $42.5 million
  • April 2013 $43.5 million
  • ESPN April 2013: $50.2 million
  • May 2012 $42M
  • 2011: $38 million.


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Ronaldo Networth Salary

Italian soccer club Juventus according to an agreement announced for coaches and players to reduce wages to cut costs while sports are shut down due to coronavirus pandemic.

It was estimated that this will help to save $100 million by reducing compensation over four months, from March to June. The club is worth $1.512 billion, according to Forbes, and made a profit of $47 million on $480 million in revenue last year.

It is reported according to European Media that Cristiano is considered Juve’s best-paid player who accepted to leave $4.24 million—not enough to make a sufficient part of his annual earnings and only 4% of the club’s expected savings.

In an email with Forbes, Juventus rejected an idea to make comments but threw enough light in order to repel misleading reports.

ronaldo monthly salary

Portuguese legend has had the compensation of $109 million, including $65 million in salary and bonus the previous year. He has ranked as the world’s second highly compensated footballer.

It was reported that 30% pay cut under consideration by all Serie A clubs, Ronaldo could see a $20 million cut but would still be earning approximately $46 million annual paycheck—which is greater than the total earnings of all players in the world other than his rival Lionel Messi at Barcelona and Neymar at Paris Saint-Germain.

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The additional $45 million of his money he made products for Nike and his CR7 line of underwear, footwear, and cologne, he is still earning $91 million every year to retain his standing among the best-paid in all of the sports.

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