Tourist Attractions in Ravenna – Italy

Tourist Attractions in Ravenna – Italy

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By Rebecca Volpetti

It is a bit of these beaten tourist paths. Although Ravenna city is around 60 miles south of Venice. Nevertheless, there are incredibly worthwhile sights in Ravenna that draw tens of thousands of visitors every year.

They’re comprehensive, renowned for their colored, and well-maintained mosaics the rivaling anything to be located in Turkey in the capital of Byzantium, Istanbul.

These eight churches are what comprise a UNESCO World Heritage Site and to see in Ravenna.

When listing these constructions UNESCO cited the artistry of the crucial and mosaics proof of spiritual and artistic relationships at a period of history.

The city was 3 times per seat of the Rome Empire, along with these Emperor Justinian transformed it into a Middle of the Empire.

Two of these Ravenna attractions are the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and mausoleums the Mausoleum of Theodoric. The city was famous as Classe in Rome times and its patron saint has been Apollinaire.

A few of the UNESCO sights in Ravenna are committed to the saint. Sant Apollinaire Nuovo’s Basilica relies on the city center. Sant Apollinaire in Classe’s Basilica is located in the suburb of Classe 4 miles south of the city center.

Another 3 arrangements, all clustered in the city center, would be this Arian Baptistry, this Neonian Baptistry, and these Archepiscopal Chapel. There is other stuff to see in Ravenna in the neighborhood of the churches.

The town center is embellished by the elegant Piazza del Popolo constructed during Venetian rule, which has intriguing museums, including the Dante Museum, devoted else to Dante Alighieri who wrote Paradiso, who died along with is buried here, along with dining spots.

For special events, you may visit from June to Sept, when weeknights provide Mosaico de Notte, guided tours of these greatest mosaic Ravenna attractions after dark. Typically, you’re only able to see them in the daylight hours.

In addition, check out the gorgeous covered marketplace, Mercato Coperto. The main trains between Florence along Venice are just around 90 minutes away.

Many individuals come to see the sights from Ravenna just as per day trip from one of those to better famous cities, or from Bologna.

However, if you desire a quiet and unspoiled visit, find one of these Ravenna hotels along with a stay for a few days.

Ravenna is both pedestrians along cycle-friendly. The itineraries for many northern Italy bicycle tours visit the city.

Rebecca Volpetti is an International Traveller. She is based in Italy. She can be reached at

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