Top Ten Most Beautiful Places in the world:

most beautiful places in the world

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Most beautiful places in the world

The most beautiful and attractive part of this universe is earth and how ironic is that you don’t know the places which hold the position of unmeasurable beauty of this planet. There are millions of people are living on this earth and they have their definition of beauty. Most beautiful places in the world get the attraction of everyone as they are amazing, breathtaking, relaxing and are real paradise on this earth. These locations will show that this planet is worth saving. The natural world offers wonderful creation of God and when you started to see the real beauty of this earth, your jaw will be on the floor.

These places are far away from big buildings created by men and close to nature, free from pollution and noise because whenever we talk about the beauty of this earth, we are assuming about the natural beauty but not the attractions which are created by man.

Here is the list of the top ten most beautiful places in the world.

1: Maldives:

The Maldives has a reputation as the most attractive and one of most beautiful places in the world. This is the amazing paradise on this earth as its turquoise sea, white beaches, blue lagoons, palm trees and have striking colorful marine life with an ultimate friendly environment which makes it worth living. Its temperature remains normal throughout the whole year with a population of only 500 people.

best island in maldives

The thing which makes it rare is its speculator scene at night. The ocean which surrounds the Maldives turned into blue due to bioluminescence, stress caused by the movement of waves and sea leave the plankton to emit light.

It has electric blue neon color, this speculator phenomenon is one of the rarest events in this world. But nobody can guess where this event can occur, it depends on stars and the environment.

2: Palawan Island:

Palawan Island has certainly the most unnatural intense colors which you won’t believe are real. It is largely untouched by man, therefore, the most beautiful island of adorable beaches which make it a slice of heaven. Also, it has the opportunity to enjoy the waterfall, water sport, lakeside, beaches, forest, mountains, parks, exhibition halls, zoo, museums, architecture, and much more.

The rarest thing of Palawan Island is its biologically diverse ecosystem, teeming jungles, vibrant coral reefs, tousled mangroves, and swamps. You can easily assume why Palawan’s a destination on everyone’s bucket list.

It is home to clear aquamarine water, breathtaking limestone cliffs, a secret lagoon, and the world’s longest underground water.

The Philippines might lack technology but it has great nature with rich culture and wildlife. If you are tired from gadget-ridden cities then you must visit Palawan island of the Philippines.

3: Salar de uyuni Bolivia:

Stretching across 4 thousand and fifty miles, this beautiful reflective surface is considered as one of the most extreme and remarkable lands of all of the landscapes of South America, perhaps even of our earth.

Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest soft land, this mythical location attracts millions of tourists from all across the world, each year. If you are looking for one of the most stunning places to travel to, this place deserves to be your top priority. Its center holds the most beautiful view of just white ground and sky with the hot shining sun emerging rays on the salt desert.

Its color resemblance with snow might stop you but it just salts which remain after evaporation due to climate change. When the rainy season came, it turns into a breathtaking mirror which makes it impossible to locate where the sky ends.

4: Lake Retba, Senegal:

This vivid pink lake Retba lies just an hour away from the Senegal capital. The lake has a subtly separation line from the Atlantic by a couple of dunes which gives the lake salt content. This salt content attracts the type of bacteria called tuna Lila which gives the lake its unique color.

The color becomes increasingly strong during the dry season of November and June. It is the best time to visit this lake to take pictures of the beautiful pink lake. This color is harmful to human beings so you can swim in this lake. However, the number of fishes and other animals of water is 4 percent less than those lakes of the normal environment.

The view gets more attractive when you reach the dunes which gain the color of gold and pink lake will make you more amazed by the nature of the world.

5: Rainbow Mountains; china:

The mythical rainbow mountains of china are a geological wonder of the world.

These Chinese mountains are famous for their different colors of the rainbow painted over the top rolling of mountains. They are the part of Zhengyi Danxia landform of the Gansu province, their unique colors attract a lot of tourists. These colors are due to different mineralogical and diagenetic processes that make up the greens, reds, blues, and yellows.

Some people argue that this is one of the coolest places on the earth. It is the place that has become the main concern of geologists and they have been studying the real causes of these colors.


6: Plitvice lake national park:

One of southeastern Europe’s oldest national parks and Unesco world heritage sites since 1979. Its national park has over 73,000 acres or 297 square kilometers of something for everyone.

Overflowing with waterfalls, cascades, hiking trails, and limestone canyons. It’s definitely hard to know where to look but the lake and its vivid colors are the park’s main dishes.

Plitvice features 16 interconnecting lakes all of which change color thanks to mineral organisms and a trick of the sun. it is the most popular attraction for tourists and the oldest park.

7: Alger de Bengali:

It is located on Portugal’s southern coast. This seaside gem was once a fishing base region. However, today the Bengal sea cave draws visitors based on looks alone. Its best accessed by water by kayak boat or swimming. Nut your efforts will be rewarded with unfathomable beauty like a vast cathedral of divine handiwork.

This natural grotto with its rocky walls silky sand and weathered skylight is enough to make you feel small and insignificant. Yet protected against everything else the world has to offer.

8: The cliffs of Moher:

Its dismantling occurs during the Napoleonic war. Today the only reminder of the fort for which these gorgeous cliffs were named. It is an old watchtower rising 390 feet or 120 meters at hags head to a height of 702 feet or 214 meters down the coast.

The cliffs are home to 30,000 birds from 20 different species. Moreover, it includes adorable puffins a look in any direction provides a view of other Irish dreamscapes. Including the 12 pins mountain range the Aran island and the mount Turks mountains.

9: The great barrier reef and Whitehaven beech:

It is certainly the world’s largest structure. Corals constructed these lands. It’s home to diverse aquatic species from whales dolphins and clownfish to leatherback turtles and nine kinds of seahorse.

Whitehaven beach is one of the planet’s most beautiful and eco-friendly beaches. The coast has glorious white 98% pure, silica sand. It does not retain heat meaning you can walk the shore till your heart’s content and never burn your feet.

10: Iguazu falls;

It is one of the modern natural wonders of the world this staggering waterfall system the largest of its kind sits on the Argentina Brazil border meaning big water in native languages.

This natural attraction is unique in that you can access it from three different countries. Moreover, it gives additional proximity to Paraguay. Effectively a chain of mini waterfalls. The lion’s share of the river passes over a u-shaped chasm known as a devil’s throat.


If you are going to visit this earth, then you must keep these places on your priority list. The meaning of life changes when you start to explore this world, don’t die before visiting these extraordinary places.

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