How To Use Laptop As A Monitor For PS4?


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A gaming freak will undoubtedly love the characteristics and capabilities offered by PS4. It is one of the best comforts for gaming, and playing games on it is fun. You can stroll for a long time with the high-resolution gameplay, and you can have thousands of gaming options to select from and can play as much as you can.

The PS4 solace covers many types of games for you, whether you like action games, casual games, or you want to go wild and kill zombies everywhere.

The question is what to do if you do not have a screen available at home to play as if anyone is watching TV and a terrible thing can happen that a TV is out for fixation! In these situations, many game lovers are eager to know how to use the Laptop to monitor PS4.

It will make everything easy for gaming lovers to get straight into action using their laptops as the monitor. So, they do not have to wait for their turn on the television ever again.

How To Use Laptop As A Monitor For Sony PS4?

Using a laptop as a monitor for Sony PS4 is not as easy as connecting an HDMI cable from a gaming console to the Laptop, even if you can play games. If it were easy enough, everyone would be doing it with their PlayStations by connecting the game consoles to the Laptop.

If that is not so easy, then the question is whether it is possible to make such a connection? Yes, it is possible. But, wait! It is a small steering system, and you need to stay fully functional when trying to connect a play console to the Laptop.

A laptop capable of capturing video to play PS4 games is required. Still, such communication options are not available on most laptops, and you have a lot to learn if you think you can quickly solve this problem. You can’t start playing games on a laptop display just after attaching an HDMI cable to a notebook.

An HDMI connection can only operate on one side and does not hold a dual-link. HDMI ports on both the PS4 and Laptop, which are output ports, means you cannot connect between them and get the output on the laptop screen.

Here, I will tell you about two ways you can follow, and after following these two methods, you will have the connection to use the laptop screen as your PS4 game monitor.

Using the Capture Card

Using Capture Card

The first method involves connecting the gaming console to the Laptop by using video capture cards. This method is not that difficult. You will have to pay something out to get the resources working. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, file sharing compatibility, a video capture card, and an HDMI cable. Now follow the steps given below:

Step 1

Firstly, open the file-sharing option in the PS4 menu under the setting tabs. Then use the network option, you will get the network setting option. After that, you should get access to the internet.

Step 2

After getting an internet connection approach, you can rapidly start the flow between the gaming sole and Laptop. Now using the USB port, insert the video capture card into your Laptop. The video capture cards are made with an insertion apartment in which the program is easy to install and setup.

Step 3

An s-video connection is needed to get from the retail store out there quickly and use this link to join the video card in the PS4 console. Now, check out the HDMI-In link with the capture card, whereas the HDMI-Out link to the PS4 gaming console.

Step 4

Run the software and unlock the PS4 after connecting the capture card to the PS4 console. The software will automatically track the PS4 console and exhibit it on your laptop screen.

Hurrah!!! Now you don’t have to wait for someone to release the TV. Go and show your rage in the games.

By Using HDMI

By Using HDMI

Sony Remote Play is an apparatus that allows you to stream PS4 games on a portable computer, and it is always available with your PS4 console. By using the Remote Play System, you can enjoy your gaming as flat as a pancake.

As with the first method we discussed above in this setting, you will need your Laptop, your gaming console, a USB cable, and your account to be set up on the PlayStation platform. High speed of internet is required to make this setting work. Before starting the process, you should configure the LCD screen before setting it on the Laptop; you will need some PS4 system settings.

Step 1

First of all, download the brand new version of the remote gaming application from the Sony website. Make sure the compatibility of this application is similar to your laptop with Windows or Mac Operating System. Downloading the app is not tricky because this application comes with the installer. 

Step 2

To enable the Remote Play Connection, turn on your PS4 and go to settings after the installation is complete. By activating your PS4, you will now have access to the network of games or leave it in rest mode. If you think your PS4 is not in rest mode, then you can save it in rest mode by going to the power save settings.

Step 3

To use your console on the network, change “Enable Unlock.” Now get the app’s installation options by opening the remote app on your mobile computer.

In this app’s installation options, you can manage screen adjustment depending on your performance, but if we want an ideal screen resolution, then it is 720p. Always use a USB cable when connecting the controller to a computer.


By inserting a USB adapter and pressing it for a few seconds, you will be able to connect your controller to your Laptop. This application will take you to the Play Station login screen on the network by clicking on the Start button to be displayed on the Remote Play app.

After this, the app will automatically select your PS4 in the system. Now it is ready, and you can continue your gaming rage on your Laptop without any trouble.

If you want to know more about gaming then check other blog posts on our website.

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