What is the Impact of Digital Revolution on Society

What is the Impact of Digital Revolution Society

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What is the Impact of Digital Revolution on Society?

The impact of digital revolution on society has already transformed our economy and daily living, and we can expect the future world of digital media through assumptions. Everyone will have access to artificial super intelligence and the world will enter into a new era with the evolution of digital media.

As we can see the changes in our present life. It will open the new doors of radical business opportunities, looking back, the revolution had been started in early 20th century when transistors were invented in 1947 leading the way to more advanced computers.

Historical events

1973 the first communication device was used, 1979 first mobile phone was introduced in Tokyo, 1980s cable television was introduced on the platform. 1989 world wide web totally transform the world. These inventions have not stopped and are never going to end as man can change the total course of the history. We have reached space by the access of digital media, and connect the whole world through the internet.

what is the impact of digital revolution on society

Digital Transformation

2017 is known as the digital transformation, which transforms every industry, business culture, and leads technology towards more effective destinations. 2021 will be the year in which artificial technology gains success and changes the way of education.


Students will be taught with totally new methods and will change how we work and what type of skills we need to educate the children. It will change the emotions and lifestyle of children and they will create a new era.

Cities will be transformed into smart cities, the transport system will be automatic, the speed will be increased more than ever, personal robots will be used for work. The cure diseases will be cured with smart fashion technology, manufacturing and construction systems will not only be fastened but will work with robotic systems.


Then there will be no need of human beings to work in those companies. The luxuries will not remain a wish but will become a fashion and need of people. As in the current situation globalization is changing the world business, culture, lifestyle, the digital media will transform the whole life and emotions of man.

The global food revolution will occur till 2029, we will use artificial meat, will produce grains more than ever. We will totally depend on digital media; life will become impossible without it.

Digitalization of Business

Businesses will be on the digital media rather than face to face meetings, digital marketing will only be the option to promote the business. As people are currently using digital media to communicate through blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click promotions.

Future these things will be more common than meeting people in real life. The businesses will be expanded through digital marketing as amazon and google are currently working hard on it.

Covid-19 and Digitalization

We can see the real example of the future working of digital media in the current situation, during COVID, we had to live in our houses but the world business didn’t stop. The people who are aware of digital media expand their businesses and at the international level the scope of business changes.

Different brands have come to know that their products got more promotion on digital media with advertising.  And the business is more urgent than before. We always thought it has made a lot of progress? where will it take us? when it will end?

These questions have only estimated answers based on assumptions but we know that there is no ending boundary of digital media. It has entered the business, education, health, agriculture, construction, transportation, and our whole world. Most people believe that this is the starting because our coming generations will be totally different from us.

Through digital media the companies are gaining more international customers, online shopping is trending. Now people don’t waste time in malls to select what they want; they directly choose it from online shops.

Impact of the Digital revolution on society

People have started telling their stories on social media. In 2018 only the prominent people of societies or countries were using it. In the future, even the neighbors will connect with each other through social media. People will like to communicate through phones and other devices besides meeting each other. Next-generation is going to change everything about social media and global connectivity.

Social Marketing 

Every entrepreneur, brand, and business will adopt the way social marketing through advertisement, blogging. And by going live on insta, Facebook, and other social media apps.

The growth of the business will be observed through the number of current users in that area.  Voice search is the big invention of this century. Instead of typing buy pizza online you use voice search buy pizza nearby, it is more comfortable to use voice rather than typing.

We are running after comfort, the digital media will provide us whatever we want and wherever we need it so it will become the most important part of our life in the future.

The future generation will never expect to live without it, it will become more important than other human beings for a person.

Social Media is now the strongest pillar of our lives

Pros and Cons of Social Media 

Social media is growing more speedily due to the new inventions made every day in its field. One day it will cover every field of life, then that era will be the digital era. We will move more speedily and life will become fast. In one way it is very beneficial for us but when we look at the cons of digital media.

we will wish it has never entered into our life. as we know that everything has pros and cons. Digital media has a lot of advantages that can never be denied. It has given us ability to change our life and give us the comfort which we need. However, the disadvantages of digital media are also very huge and dangerous.

impact of digital revolution on society hacking your system means learning every privacy of your life. It increases cyberbullying. Your social media account addiction will also cause problems, you waste time on unnecessary videos and games. It will become a risk for your health. 

On one hand, the world will get to know the cure of uncured diseases. While on the other hand, it will destroy your health. 


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