Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android and iOS change whatsapp background

change whatsapp background

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Dark mode is in fashion, and every app is adding it. Well, Facebook already added black mode, but her sister company tried to take some time. Well, we are not welcome to start it, but we have good news for those who can not emphasize their eyes. You can also enable WhatsApp Black Mode on Android and iOS.

WhatsApp Black Mode on Android and iOS
Below is the procedure for getting Black Mode on WhatsApp for Android and iOS below

WhatsApp Black Mode for Android:

To get a deeper mode on WhatsApp, your phone is running on Android and you have more smartphones that support the beta of Android And also you can whatsapp dark mode download

First step change whatsapp background

  • Install Android Q
  • Unless go to your phone settings
  • Tap on the display and click on this topic
  • Tap on the Dark

2nd Step

Selected mode, now,

Return to settings
Click on the phone
Tap the construction number for seven times to enable the developer mode


The third step:

Now click on the developer’s option
Overseas Force tip to black. It will enable black mode including white app on all app.
WhatsApp Black Mode on iOS:

To keep a deeper mode on Apple devices, you must have a device run on iOS 11 or the latest version.

Follow these steps how to change whatsapp background

  • Go to settings
  • Tap the General
  • Click Access
  • Go to display houses
  • Tap changing the color
  • Finally, click on the smart butt

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