Best Fiverr Payment Options

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Fiverr is a great platform to earn money through your skills, you can easily monetize your skills on Fiverr and other freelance markets place today in this article we will cover Fiverr payment methods.

Payment Methods For Withdraw

When you start working on Fiverr or any other freelancing platform you need a well-trusted payment method by which you will withdraw your payment after clearance. There are some payment methods available in the market which are used to withdraw funds from the freelancing platform in which popular is Payoneer and Paypal.

Payment Method To Pay Fiverr

In this article, we have a collect payment method you can use to pay to Fiverr as a buyer, these are well trusted and reliable payment methods for the Fiverr platform.

List of Fiverr Payment Options


Credit/Debit Card

Credit/ debit card provides availability for users to pay online funds, use your card online so if you are looking for payment then you can try this. You can give payments on Fiverr by using any credit/debit card.


Another popular and most trusted payment method is paypal. This method is using by people around the globe, Payments on Fiverr can be done by using PayPal for which you have to Attach your PayPal account with your Fiverr account for faster checkout.


Apple Pay

if you are using iOS Fiverr’s mobile application then you can use an Apple Pay account for payment transfer. However, this is available in some countries.

Google Pay

If you are using android Fiverr’s mobile application then you can use Google Pay for payment transfer. But this is also available in some countries.

Wire Transfer

It is an electronic payment service for transferring funds by wire. For example, through SWIFT, the Federal Reserve Wire Network, or the Clearing House Interbank Payment System. This payment method is currently available only to Fiverr Business clients.

Wire Transfer


Firstly, it is an online banking payment method in Netherland that allows users to make payments using direct online transfers from their bank accounts.


Secondly, It is an online banking payment method in Germany that allows users to make payments using direct online transfers from their bank accounts.



Thirdly, Sofort banking is a real-time bank transfer payment method that users based in Australia, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland can use to transfer funds directly to merchants from their bank accounts.


This payment method is available in Brazil, enabling offline cash payment for online services.


This voucher-based payment method is available in Mexico enabling offline cash payment for online services.

Using your Fiverr Balance

If you have funds in your account balance, they will be automatically applied to your next purchase. Sometimes the purchase is for a higher amount than what you have available in your balance. Therefore, you can use another source of payment to complete the purchase.

On the checkout page, you will see the total amount due, how much you have available on your personal balance and if the purchase is for more, how much needs to be paid for with another payment source ( PayPal or credit card).

Moreover, if you are making a purchase as a member of a team account, you will not be able to use a second payment source.

In these cases, if the purchase is larger than the amount in your balance, you may only use one payment source.

How To Do A Cash Deposit In The Account?

At this time, we do not have the option for buyers to load funds into their Fiverr balance. The reason why some accounts have an available is that they have earned revenues. They have refunds from canceled orders or funds added by Fiverr as credits.

If you want to know more about technology then check other blog posts on our website.

How To Withdraw Money From Fiverr In Pakistan

How To Withdraw Money From Fiverr In Pakistan

Pakistan is ranked 3rd in the world having a huge freelancer, lots of people selling different services online with freelancing platforms in which Fiverr is the popular platform in Pakistan.

When you earn some dollars in your account the next thing is how to withdraw that money, it needs a payment method with a bank account.


Fiverr Payment Method In Pakistan

Fiverr offers Bank Transfer, PayPal and Payoneer called a Fiverr revenue card. Paypal is blocked in Pakistan but Pakistanis are using Payoneer account to withdraw funds directly from Fiverr account.

Further, you need a bank account to shift your funds from Payoneer to a local bank otherwise you can withdraw directly through Payoneer master card.


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