Elementor Pro Plugin Complete Guide


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Yoni Luksenberg and Ariel Klikstein developed Elementor.Ltd in 2016. It is a common knowledge platform that empowers 2.24% of the world’s top 1M websites. It is available in 57 languages, and with over 5M active installations worldwide, it is the 5th most popular WordPress plugin.

The company earned $15M from Lightspeed Venture Partners in its first round of institutional funding.  With a freemium version, Elementor also offers a premium version of its website builder — Elementor Pro, which includes additional features.

Elementor Pro is an extension, which empowers you with great technology tools that boost up your workflow and construction. It is a software company that provides web development services. It allows WordPress users to create and edit websites by applying the drag and drop technique with a build-in compassionate mode. It lets you control everything like conversion, engagement, and workflow.

In elementor pro, the build theme allows you to make changes in all parts of your theme according to your desires. It designs various forms and combines them perfectly. Elementor pro provides you professional templates and blocks for your theme.

Elementor pro team provides 24/7 technical support. It provides the best designer solution for WordPress. The maximum web creators prefer Elementor Pro to build professional WordPress websites, improve their skills and start their business.

The main difference between Elementor Pro from other website developers is that while using it, you can get access to a high level of design. You can do live designing of the website in the easiest and quickest possible way. It includes many useful widgets, a template library designed magnificently and a distinct mobile editing tool, and visual revision history

Why Choose Elementor pro?

Safe & Secure:

This is 100% free from viruses or any malware, or any malicious script. You can run your own online security check. To ensure safety, the file is scanned by Norton and McAfee.

Unlimited Sites and Domain Usage:

According to WordPress’s GPL licensing policies, you can use one file on as many sites as you want.

100% original – All Premium Features Included:

To provide the original and applicable version, services are purchased and downloaded from original developers.

Updates Included (6 months):

Our team makes sure that your site is always up-to-date, and you can get benefits from the new features of the websites. We will notify you at the moment when the new update will be launched, and the new link will be delivered to you via your email.

Elementor Pro Version 3.2.1


Elementor Free vs Pro:

Theme Limitations:

Every part of your theme can be customized by theme builders. Elementor pro does not restrict you for theme limitations. You can create your header, footer, archive pages, and all other parts on your website according to your desires. This requires no coding and can be applied to any WordPress theme. While when it comes to Elementor Free, you are restricted to these limitations. This requires coding and cannot be used for all WordPress themes.

Contact Forms:

As we all know that the contact forms are the most integral part of any website, and they are considered as the engines for conversions and leads. By using Elementor pro, the whole process of managing the contact forms is visual, while in Elementor Free, the management of contact forms is not visual.

Professional templates and blocks:

Elementor pro provides many templates and blocks that are professional to design a magnificent website. But when it comes to Elementor Free, professionally made templates and blocks are not provided.

Key professional and widgets:

Elementor pro provides many important widgets. By using these widgets, the web designer can design a professional website. The web designer can create an impressive headline design by using Animated Headlines and many more.

Elementor Free does not provide the above-mentioned widgets which can make a website magnificent.

How to Install Elementor Pro Plugin:

  • Go to my.elementor.com after purchasing the elementor pro.
  • After purchasing, you will receive the login details in your email. Use these details and log in to your account.
  • After you have done login, go to “My Account” and click on the “Download Plugin” button, which is on the upper right of “My Account” and download the zip file.
  • Go to the WordPress dashboard on your site and click on “plugins,” and then “Add New.” Select the downloaded zip file and then click on install and activate.
  • You should get a message on the top of your site’s dashboard that will tell you have activated your license key.

Premium Features:

  • Elementor pro involves 34 advanced and new pro widgets which are not available anywhere else. The work is always continuing in the improvement of these widgets and add-ons besides adding more regularly.
  • In the ever-green Premium Templates Library, 100s of elementor templates are available for different designs of websites to make your website unique and attractive.
  • Now Lottie Animations is available in all Elementor widgets. Lottie Animations are the biggest source of making your website more eye-catching.


Elementor Pro Version 3.2.1

Wpbakery Version 6.6


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