Day Trips From Berlin


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Germany’s capital is a tourist hotspot which is always a good idea for a respite. But sometimes, all the noise due to enough hustle and bustle makes it absurd. We have suggestions for you in that case. You can arrange day trips from Berlin to various destinations.

Visit the places on the premises that are no way lesser to Berlin. Those beautiful destinations are mesmerizing with a plus point that they are not crowded. So you can enjoy your holidays in tranquility.

We have sorted out some most amazing places in the vicinity of Berlin to where you can have day trips from Berlin.

Day Trips From Berlin

Pfaueninsel Day Trips

Pfaueninsel Day Trips

Pfaueninsel literal meaning Peacock Island. You know why we have chosen this for you because it is immersed with the astounding beauty of Peacocks.

Let me tell you the secret behind the peacocks. During the Prussian reign, King Friedrich Wilhelm 2 fled to this island and built himself a fantasy-based Palace. To reimburse the beauty and to accompany himself, he brought a flock of the peacock as well.

From that time, the peacocks have become the landmark of this breathtaking island. To make sure the peacocks are safe and sound in the area, the management has regarded it as a “Protected habitat.

You are not allowed to take dogs, bicycles, and you can’t smoke in that particular area.

Estimated Distance

To get there, you have to take a bus from Berlin. First of all, go to S-Bahn station Wannsee and take the bus with number 218.

Besides a bus, you can also take a ferry, which will cost you merely $4 approximately.

Dresden Day Trips

Dresden Day Trips

Dresden, the Old City, is a few hours away from Berlin but a legit place to visit. You can’t miss the charm and glory of the walls and building of chapels and markets.

It is a place for wanderlust to get lost in the grandeur of the city. Visit Schlossplatz, Theaterplatz Ausustus Bridge etc.

If you a travel junkie and love to visit a place on foot, you must go Dresden but don’t forget to wear your comfiest sneakers while strolling this master art.

Estimated Distance

Dresden is at a 2-3 hours’ drive from Berlin. By A13, it takes 2 hours and 18 mins. It is one of the quickest ways to reach there.

Spandau Citadel 

Spandau Citadel Day Trips

Spandau Citadel is another historical place but not your ordinary heritage site. The history of this place dates back to the 16th century. It was contrived during the renaissance period and medieval conflicts.

But see, it still stands tall in its full glory while enticing thousands of visitors all around the year. The building was later used in World War 2 for defense purposes.

The museum is a marvelous spot for quick day trips from Berlin. Besides, there occur concerts in the vicinal grounds, and there is a tower called Julius Tower. Climbing this tower, you can observe the scenic view from the height of 30m.

The specialty of this place is bats. If you want to visit the historical point, then why not bats.

Estimated Distance

To reach Spandau Citadel, you need to take the X33 bus from the S-Bahn station. This is an underground train as, i.e., U7, but you will miss out on some amazing views of old Spandau.



Potsdam is one of the most favorites and sought-after places for day trips from Berlin. Regale it is, though. It is the capital city of Brandenburg. It is a place loaded with historical events as well as heritage sites.

Potsdam is embedded with lots of parks and lakes, out of which the most famous is Sanssouci Park. The park is breathtakingly beautiful and has exquisite scenes that will definitely blow your mind.

The glory didn’t end on just park. In fact, there are two palaces inside the park. Sanssouci Palace along with Neues Palace. These palaces were built in the late 17th century. Both the palace have their own kind of regality.

There is the Great Fountain which is a landmark having Four elements and allegorical figures.

Estimated Distance

Potsdam is just 1-hour drive or maybe even less than 1 hour from Berlin. You can go by suburban train for $7 or by ABC ticket from the Central city for just $4.

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