Basketball Drills For Kids-Easy

Basketball drills for kids

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Basketball Drills For Kids

When you are talking about basketball drills for kids, you are not only addressing the coaches but also parents are included. If you can’t go outside the house due to the COVID situation and don’t have a basketball court nearby, these drills will also help your kids.

What are the best basketball drills for kids which make them better at dribbling, and how can they protect the ball? Here we are going to talk about them.


Ball Dribbling:

First of all, dribbling drills is an essential and most important thing which your kid needs to learn. It doesn’t matter if the kid is just six years old; he/she must know how to dribble the ball. How are we going to do this? We have different ways of basketball drills; for one, you can make it into the game.

You can say, hey! I want to check how many times you can dribble in a minute. If the kid could not make it, then there is no need to worry about it; you need to encourage him/her to make it better.

Crossover Dribbling:

I know six years old kids do not know how to crossover the ball. But you can make them learn about bounce the ball with one hand and catch it with another hand. It’s simple as that they can start regular crossovers. Crossover dribbling is the best basketball drills for kids.

At least they can learn about the crossovers even if they are not doing it correctly, it might become a fun basketball drill for them. Encourage them to beat themselves every day and every week. With time their performance will start to improve.

Wall Passing Drill:

Wall passing drill is used chiefly to improve passing and receiving skills in the basketball drills for kids. You should always use a wall when you are teaching kids about basketball. There are different ways to do this basketball drill for kids; these are the following.

  • Primary one-touch wall passes.
  • Double-wall pass
  • Backpedal and receive on the back foot
  • Receive and dribble

You can try youth basketball drills even at home. There is just a need for a wall and open area where you can try these basketball drills.

Tic TAC Toe:

Firstly place the nine hoops and ten jerseys (5 of each color) in the center circle. Form 2 teams and position them at each of the baskets, if a player scores, she can run to the center circle and place ta jersey into one of the hoops.

Afterward, she runs back to her team and queues up again. If a player does not score, she gets her rebound and passes it to the next player in the queue. You can also variate the passes.

The main goal in this youth basketball drill is to place three jerseys in a row, either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. The players should prevent the other team from winning by taking a close look at the hoops and make sure that they place their jerseys logically. Tic TAC toe is a fun basketball drill for kids

Brennball Drill:

Brennball is a throwing, catching, and running game with great popularity. It is a professional sport in Sweden, and in Germany, coaches use it to teach sports lessons in schools. It is played with two teams of at least three players.

This basketball drill for kids is played in a defined field, at the edge of several bases. One group is distributed in the area, and the other one is waiting outside the area. You can play the middle school basketball drill with all kinds of balls but mostly use a basketball.

A player throws the ball into the field and starts running and, at the same time, trying to overrun as many hoops as possible. A player who does not reach around when the opponent throws the ball into the basket is burned.

Transition Game:

Transition means the fast switching from offense to defense and vice versa. The rapid change between defense and offense play is decisive for a thriving quick break. If the offensive player scored, the game is over, and the player gets cone for scoring.

The transition game is basically a middle school basketball drill. The team who has the most cones at the end of the whole match wins. If the offensive player does not score right away and the defensive player gets the rebound, it continues until one of the player’s scores.


Some of the biggest keys they need to work on with their ball handling are their stance, ball control, and active off-hand. These basketball drills for kids are the certainly best motivation and describe critical factors to improve their working.

Once they have mastered these drills, they will be ready to handle the in-game basketball situations. They will reach the next level of ball-handling ability.

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